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Certification body

Certification is a procedure by which a third party (independent of the manufacturer and the user) properly empowered (accredited and designated) giving an assurance in writing (Certificate of conformity ) that a product, service, or quality system meets requirements established in the normative documents.

This activity is carried out in order to protect the user products that don't meet the requirements or are dangerous to his health and life , as well as for the protection of communication networks by use of equipment that can damage them or cause problems (interference harmful). The products shall be deemed to comply in case when they correspond to the technical requirements the essential requirements set out in the technical regulations and national standards concerned.

According to the european Directives for products of electronic communications such essential requirements are the requirements of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and effective use of the radio spectrum.

in short the certification procedure:

  • Reception and registration of the application for certification and related documents attached, the adoption of the Decision on acceptance of the application;
  • The determination of the certification scheme and drawing up the contract of carrying out of certification between the applicant and the CNFR, the calculation of the cost of certification and of the laboratory tests carried out in the IT CEM. The cost of certification is determined according to the tariffs approved in dependence of the type of product, certification scheme, etc.to.;
  • The determination and nomination of testing laboratories for equipment testing;
  • Laboratory tests shall be carried out in accredited laboratories and designated. The same type of equipment can be tried in several laboratories at the same time. The results of the tests are issued in test Reports.
  • Assessment of the system of production, the appreciation of the possibility of the technological process to ensure the stability of the technical parameters evaluated for the manufactured products, submitted by the applicant for certification. (performed optionally);
  • Examination in the OC Reports of tests, assessment reports and other documents submitted and adoption of the Decision for issuing the Certificate of conformity or refusal;
  • The issuance of the Certificate of conformity and the marking of the equipment certificate. Each copy of the certified product shall be marked with the national mark of conformity and the mark of identification and record OC TIP.
  • Periodic evaluation of certified products (optional, a time in the year). The adoption of the Decision of maintaining the validity, suspension or revocation of a Certificate of conformity.

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