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Radio frequency spectrum management

    Radio frequency spectrum management is  section of the technical management of the spectrum is a set of measures of technical, organizational and economic, intended to ensure the efficient use of radio spectrum for the needs of the national economy and population in the provision of telecommunications services (television, radio broadcasting, radio communication, fixed, mobile, etc.)., including and ensuring the implementation of the new technologies of radio communication.

Compartment management of the radio spectrum, in the framework of the National Radio Frequency Center (CNFR), is made by the department of coordination of radio frequencies and external relations.
The functions and tasks of the management of the spectrum from the point of view of the technical management of the spectrum:
·       selection, calculation and planning of frequencies and/or radio channels for the radio-electronic emission (hereinafter referred to as MRE) with civil destination in accordance with the assignment the national Table of allocation of frequency bands and the requests received;
·       participation in the elaboration of national plans of frequencies for implementation of new technologies of electronic communications;
·       ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of the stations of the radio communication with civil destination in the process of planning of the frequencies;
·          preparation of the proposals for the minimization of interference and noise;
·       performing the coordination of international and domestic frequencies and/or channels, including the preferential, through the application of technical procedures and administrative provisions contained in international agreements to which Moldova is a party and in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of Radio communication of International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
·      calculation of electromagnetic compatibility of the MRE requested for coordination by the telecommunications Administrations of adjacent countries;
·           notification of frequency assignments and/or radio channels to ITU;
·          the development of materials for the assignment of frequencies and/or channels;
·         preparation of materials for the coordination of the bands, channels and radio frequencies to government users in the frequency bands shared use;
·       carrying out the analysis of possibilities of modification of the technical parameters of the assignment block, a radio channel or frequency;
·       providing identification codes for certain types of stations of the radio communication, what is operated in the following radiocommunication services: maritime mobile and maritime mobile satellite, of the inland navigation internal (MMSI, ATIS, etc.), track of the codes assigned;
·       the development of specifications for the design of radiocommunications and the assessment projects at the compartment radiotehnic;
·       consultation in the field of the development of the technical designs of the systems, RD,TV, stations and networks of radio communication;
·         elaboration of studies and projects relating to the use of different frequency bands;
·       insurance with the signals call the MRE in accordance with Regulation Radiocommunications of ITU and track these signals.
In order to ensure the high level of quality and effectiveness of the exercise of the functions and tasks listed, the NRFC has implemented and uses an advanced package of specialized programs developed by the French company ATDI, which is used by many enterprises of the same profile both in Europe and in the world:
ICS Telecom – network planning of radio communications and management of radio spectrum;
ICS Manager – it is used for the administrative management of the radio spectrum;
ICS Map Server - it is used for creating and editing portfolios digital;
ICS Antios - it is used for design the diagrams of the antennas of the emission.


First page  »  NSRFM  »  Goals and responsibilities  »  Radio frequency spectrum management

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