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Certification of electronic communications products

1. The essence of the products conformity assessment

Certification is a procedure whereby a third party duly authorized (accredited and designated) gives a written assurance (certificate of conformity) that a product, service or quality system meets requirements set in normative documents.

This activity is carried out in order to protect the user of products that do not ful fill the requirements or are hazardous to health and his life, and to protect the use of communications networks. Products are considered compliant if they meet theessential technical requirements laid down in technical regulationsand national standards.

According to the European Directives for electronic communications products such essential requirements are the requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and effective use of radio spectrum.


2. The national system of conformity assessment (certification).

In accordance with the law on conformity assessment of products in Moldova are created:

·       The national accreditation (Accreditation Center for Conformity Assessment of Products)

·       The national system of conformity assessment, which consists of:

-      National conformity assessment body (Ministry of Economy, quality infrastructure department);

-      central government bodies;

·       Conformity assessment bodies:

Product certification bodies               - 25

Accredited testing laboratories          - 160

Inspection bodies.


3. The certification in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)


·  In accordance with Article 16 of Law on Electronic Communications (1) electronic communications equipment and cables are imported, and sold only provide the certificate of conformity issued by the accredited certification body for electronic communications products;

· The Ministry of Transport and Communications Order No. 9 of 21.01.1999 in the composition of the State Inspectorate of Communications (now NRFC) was established certification and standardization Division (now Certification Department). This department has been assigned a product certification body in telecommunications, IT and post (OC TIP) with test laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility (LI CEM);

·  OC TIP and LI CEM were accredited in 1999 and were subsequently reaccredited periodically by the Accreditation Center for Product Conformity Assessment and designated for compulsory certification of ICTproducts by the National Conformity Assessment Body. The validity of the accreditation and designation is up to2012 year.


Testing of wire telephony terminals and cables are made in the Moldtelecom subsidiary testing laboratory“CORE”.

Electrical safety tests are carried out in industrial products testing laboratory of the National Institute of Standardization and Metrology. Mandatory certification of ICT products and is provided by the technical regulations document "radio equipment, terminal equipment and recognition of their conformity", approved by Government Decision no. 1274 of 11/23/2007 which is harmonized with the European R & TTE Directive 1999/5/EC.


4The certification process generally consists of the following steps:


·  The submitting and registration application for certification and related documents; the decision on accepting the request;

· Determination of the certification scheme and making preparation for certification agreement between the applicant and CNFR, calculating the cost of certification and laboratory tests carried out in LI CEM. Cost is determined according to the approved tariffs and depends of the type of product certification scheme, etc.;

·  Identification and sampling of the sample to be tested;

· The laboratory tests is performed in the accredited and approved laboratories. The same type of equipment can be tested simultaneously in several laboratories. Test results are performed in the test reports.

· Assessment of production, assessing of the possibility of technological process to ensure the stability of the evaluated technical parameters for products manufactured by the applicant. (performed optional)

· Consideration of the test reports, evaluation reports and other submitted documents by certification experts and making decision to issue the certificate of compliance or refusal;

· Issue of certificate of conformity and marking equipment. Each certified product shall be marked with the national mark of conformity and identification mark OC TIP.

Periodic evaluation of certified products (optional, once per year). Adoption of the decision to maintain the validity, suspension or with drawal of certificate


First page  »  NSRFM  »  Goals and responsibilities  »  Certification of electronic communications products

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