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Radio frequecy spectrum monitor

Monitoring of Radio Frequencies, as compartment of the technical management of the spectrum, poses a complex set of technical and organizational measures, which ensure the checking and the finding of the authorised use of the radio spectrum according to the technical conditions planned and has the following objectives:
assistance to the business sector management of the radio spectrum by ensuring the continued availability of radio spectrum, including, collection, processing, analysis and storage of data about parameters and characteristics of the signal emission radio-Electronic Means (MRE), devices of emission and other sources of radio emissions in order to obtain information necessary for the application of the effective solutions of management of the radio spectrum;
ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in the process of exploitation of the radio spectrum:
monitoring, measurement and continuous checking of technical parameters of radio transmitters authorized – this prevention of the operation of the abnormal transmitters (decreasing/increasing the transmission power, the bandwidth, the deviation of frequency at stations MN, the coefficient of modulation at the stations TV ), which contributes to ensuring the reception quality of the broadcast programs and the prevention of disturbance to the reciprocal of the work of broadcasters;
detection and solution of cases of disturbance and interference;
Compartment monitoring radio frequencies in the National Radio Frequency Center (NRFC), is conducted by the Radio Section Monitoring (RSM).
The duties and powers of the RSM:
  • develop and issue specifications for the design of radiocommunications and the assessment projects at the compartment radiotehnic;
  • performing the analysis of the employment spectrum a-priori of the issuance of the opinion on the allocation channel or radio frequency;
  • monitoring in the ether you have the technical parameters of emission MRE in the civilian sector and carry out the evaluation of the compliance of these parameters to the rules in force;
  • the detection of the operation of the MRE with the technical parameters of broadcasting unauthorized and informing the possessor of the MRE for bringing the parameters of the norm;
  • the examination of the applications aimed radiobruiajul industrial appliances, radio, performing detection of sources of jamming and issuing recommendations with regard to undertaking the technical measures and organizational measures for their elimination;
  • measurements of technical parameters of the emission MRE and the intensity of the electromagnetic field;
  • the determination of coverage areas of the MRE;
  • making measurements and obtaining certificates of measurements at commissioning of the stations and networks of radio communication;

In order to exercise effective and qualitative activities of radiomonitoring, CNFR has created and manages The National system of Radiomonitoring of the Spectrum of Radio Frequencies:

First page  »  NSRFM  »  Goals and responsibilities  »  Radio frequecy spectrum monitor

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